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Evening workshop

How about enjoying an evening of culinary experiments and discovery in a Museum?

Price: CHF 80.00 
Age: from 16 years

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Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of each workshop. ​Online reservation essential. ​
This workshop is available in French only.

This brand new evening workshop includes first accompanying our Chef to choose fresh products directly from an artisan producer before using them to prepare a tasty dish.
Every first Thursday of the month, set off with one of our chefs/activity leaders to meet local producers. Butchers, greengrocers and cheesemakers will enthuse you as they present their profession and suggest quality products. After choosing the menu and carefully selecting the ingredients together, you then return to the Alimentarium kitchen to prepare a delicious dish, full of local, seasonal produce. At the end of the workshop, the table is laid for participants to savour the meal they have created.
Every second Wednesday of the month, marvel at the impressive techniques for sculpting food, a beautiful blend of art and cookery.
Carving food is a striking artistic novelty that uses similar methods to woodcarving. As the artist Simone Addis cuts, chops, scrapes and hollows out vegetables, fruit, chocolate or margarine, his astounding masterpieces will unfold before your eyes. Try your hand at this unusual culinary art, and then enjoy bite-size nibbles as you admire your masterpieces!
Every third Thursday of the month, discover a butcher’s life.
A unique workshop where you will learn all about meat, the issues it raises and the latest technology. Watch as our activity leader joints a piece of meat, explaining each stage of the process. You then use some of the cuts to create a dish to sample together at the end of the workshop. Mouth-watering!
Vegetables and plants reveal all in this workshop!
Every fourth Wednesday of the month, discover plants and herbs from our Garden in the company of a professional chef. This is the perfect opportunity to find out more about their flavours and culinary properties. After scenting flowers and nibbling on leaves, roots and vegetables, it is time for a cookery demonstration followed by a copious sampling of several dishes, with ingredients varying according to the season.

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Book online or at the Museum Welcome Desk until 12:00 on the day of the activity.

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